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From right to left: Peter Wallmüller, Marie Klos, Sladjana Bekcic, Emma Broggini, Pascal Fischer

Missing: Robin Anna Vital

Emma Broggini



I am Emma and I study Political Science and History in the 4th semester. This is also my fourth semester at MUNiLu and since three semesters I am experiencing being a board member.


I enjoyed every single session of MUN. It's an experience which helped me better understand the world of negotiation, debate, and diplomacy of the UN.


But MUN didn't just improve my diplomatic skills, it also gave me the chance to look at our world through the eyes of different countries: it's an amazing experience!


I'm looking forward to work with the Board during this Semester!








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Sladjana Bekcic

Co-Head of Sponsoring


My name is Sladjana and I'm a politics and law student at the University of Lucerne. I' m the Head of Sponsoring of the MUN Team University of Lucerne. MUN gives me the opportunity to improve my debating skills, to broaden my knowledge of the ongoing international politics, to improve leadership skills and also to understand the diplomacy of the UN. Besides that MUN gave me the possibility to meet so many interesting people over the world at the international conferences and to learn the different ways and possibilities to present a country. I'm glad to joined MUN and looking forward to the debates this semester!

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Robin Anna Vital


Head of Marketing

I am Robin Anna and I am a political science and history student at the University of Lucerne. This is my third semester as a member of Model United Nations Lucerne and I am currently holding the position as Head of Marketing and the Co-Presidency.


I am very passionate about world politics, debating and diplomacy which Model United Nations brings perfectly together. 


I enjoy every session of MUN and my negotiation and debating skills improve  constantly. But MUN is not only about that. MUN enables you to travel, to find new friends from all over the world and connecting with students who have the same interests. 


I am looking forward to a fun and challenging semester. Both as member of MUNiLU, delegate at conferences and Head of Marketing


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Peter Wallmüller

Co-Head of Sponsoring

JUNES Delegate

Hi guys, my name is Peter, and I’m currently studying PPE (Philosophy, Politics, Economics) as well as Economics and Management at the University of Lucerne. I started MUN as a delegate last semester, and now hold the position of Co-Head of Sponsoring for MUNiLU.

I find world politics as well as debating extremely interesting, and MUN gives me a chance to enhance my knowledge and my skills in these fields, which are also useful for my University studies. The opportunity to represent different countries at Lucerne, as well as other conferences all around the world has helped my public speaking skills and has augmented my knowledge of a lot of countries.

The best part of MUN is the opportunity to attend different conferences all around the world. These conferences are always a ton of fun and give you the chance to experience life at another University for a few days, as well as allowing you to meet loads of interesting new people.

As a member of the Board of MUNiLu, I hope that I can contribute to making the next semester as memorable as the last one has been for me and look forward to debating with all of you.

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Pascal Fischer

Head of Finance

I am Pascal, a law student and since three semesters Head of Finance of the MUN Team University of Lucerne.


Debating has always been a passion of mine and therefore it was clear to me that I didn’t want to give up on it during my time at university.

So during my first days as a student in Lucerne, I came across our former board, promoting MUNiLU in the hallway of our university in autumn 2017 and shortly after I was hooked by the concept of Model United Nations.

MUN enables me to debate a range of very interesting topics while keeping up with international affairs. Through the participation in international conferences, I got to know a lot of very interesting people and most of all learned how to publicly make the case for the country I was representing.


I’m very glad to be part of the MUNiLU board as the new Head of Finance and I’m looking forward to the work and the debates ahead of us!


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Marie Klos

Head of Events

I am Marie and I am currently studying Politics, Philosophy and Economics (PPE) in my second semester at the University of Luzern. I joined MUNiLU in my first semester because I enjoy debating about global politics.

MUN has allowed me to challenge myself as you must look at current issues from many different perspectives. It has also allowed me to further my diplomatic skills and has given me an insight to how debates work in the actual UN. MUN has allowed me to meet delegates from all over the world and given me the opportunity to take part in conferences which has exposed me to a new environment of discussions and ideas.

I see MUN not only as an opportunity to further my diplomatic skills but also as a way to practice what I learn in my studies. It is a great way of combining theory with practice which allows me to develop not only as a MUN delegate but also as a student.

I look forward to contributing to our MUN group through the board this coming semester!

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Conferences Spring Semester 2018


18-22.03 Madrid (ES)

05-07.04 Amsterdam (NL)


11-13.04 Zürich (CH)

25-28.04 Barcelona (ES)

02-05.05 Maastricht (NL)



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